Can exercise help decrease appetite?

Can exercise help decrease appetite?

The fight against obesity seems to have no end. Science strides, but never seem to reach a conclusion. Many people attribute obesity to hormonal problems, but only 2% of world obesity is due to this factor.

The remaining 98 % is caused by a number of factors such as sedentary lifestyle, high calorie intake and binge eating are some of the main reasons. The treatment or teaching of proper nutrition and of physical exercise is being done by numerous researchers, teachers, doctors and nutritionists.

Exercise to control appetite

Exercise, in particular, has been a great ally not only in increasing energy expenditure and improve the functionality of the body, but also in controlling appetite.

Perhaps the hardest thing for those who wish to fight obesity is to control the desire to eat, and to eat fattening foods! There is certainly an addiction to foods high in fats. It’s really difficult because it messes with the mood and well-being. Abstinence is not an easy path.

Some studies, however, have shown that exercise can help. Nowadays it has been established that exercise can influence on appetite and food intake. Only one exercise session is already able to alter the production of hormones that act on energy spent. And it is also known that high intensity exercise may decrease appetite more than moderate and light exercise.

Patience and determination

This event happens in a more intense mode right in the first few hours after training. However, earlier studies have also shown that moderate and light exercise practiced by obese individuals can act as a “license to eat.” When we compiled this information we identified a difficult solution point. Obese people have a hard time doing high-intensity exercise, which are those that decrease appetite.

On the other hand, moderate and light exercise can be seen as a “license to eat.” The way out of this conundrum is patience and determination. well-targeted nutritional education, individualized exercise program to be followed. The problem will not be resolved in weeks, but in a few months.

Obesity is a multifactorial syndrome and the solution is in a job involving different specialties. I think the most important is the person’s own desire. They have to want it and become a part on the healing process. Yes, healing, obesity is a disease and not a cosmetic issue.

So get dressed in comfortable athletic wear and start exercising.


Dr. Ivani Manzzo is PhD in Science from the School of Medicine UNIFESP – EPM in São Paulo, Brazil, with emphasis on obesity, pregnancy and exercise. In 2010 she began hers studies as Life Coach and has since worked helping people achieve their nutritional and heath goals. These articles are published with Dra Ivani Manzzo’s permission.