Eat, sleep and training

Eat, sleep and training

Today we will talk about the effects of exercise on health. When a person decides to exercise, they look for a professional coach be it physical or emotional. This professional may be in a gym, at a club or even a personal referred by a friend. Surely this professional will guide the exercises should be done at least three times a week; and that’s what we talk about in this post.

No doubt the exercises are very important for the maintenance of health and the restoration of health as well. Any exercise will promote some effect. But these effects can be of less impact in the long goal and not just a fad, if they are not continuous. Studies show that exercise now have a greater effect if they are made at least two months. Cardiorespiratory, muscle and cell adaptations, occur after this time and may regress in a few days. This means that the exercises need to be a habit and not something you do for a while and that is it.But we have to think of other points in the exercise.

There are people who do exercise in order to “offset”. In order to eat more and things they know they are not very healthy, they exercise more. But this not right.I often say that there are three pillars for good health. Sleep, exercise and nutrition. But one does not support the other and does not compensate for the other. They all need to happened in the same way.So let me reason with you for a bit about exercise. I started the post saying the exercises should be done at least three times a week and is recommended to be done by one hour.

Then, the day has 24 hours, the week is 7 days. With a basic math you know that the week has 168 hours. If you exercise three times a week with a duration of one hour each day you will have 3 hours of exercise a week and 165 others still will be important.

In these remaining 165 hours, sleep, nutrition and good habits must be cultivated. As I said earlier, one of the pillars does not compensate the other. Three hours of exercise does not make up for sleepless hours, unnecessary stress and poor diet.It is necessary to raise awareness and change, improve and leave behind the bad things. No one will have to stop drinking their beer if you enjoy them, or having your barbeque.

In fact, if we take care of the day to day, we may have our moments of barbecues and gatherings with friends.A regular, balanced diet and good choices like good quality sleep are important to the three hours of exercise and will add to make a difference in life. But just three hours of exercise and 165 hours of inadequate nutrition and poor sleep will not help or compensate.

Common sense in the choices, be true to the rules and enjoy the pleasures.


Dr. Ivani Manzzo is PhD in Science from the School of Medicine UNIFESP – EPM in São Paulo, Brazil, with emphasis on obesity, pregnancy and exercise. In 2010 she began hers studies as Life Coach and has since worked helping people achieve their nutritional and heath goals. These articles are published with Dra Ivani Manzzo’s permission.