Gym clothes: add your style to comfort

Gym clothes: add your style to comfort

Finding gym clothes can be a more complicated task than it sounds. The model you choose should be comfortable, demonstrate your personal style and must conform to the dress code of the gym you attend.

The movements performed during an intense workout are already difficult, but the difficulty increases even more if you need to stop after each rep to adjust your clothes.

In addition to staying in place, your gym clothes also needs to adjust to the excess heat and sweating that exercise usually creates.

Choosing an outfit for gym

  • Fitting clothing yes, but not tight. You need to be able to move freely. And if you do not want to suffer from excessive heat, the air should have room to reach your skin and dry your sweat.
  • Find the right fabric. Considering that you will sweat, choose a material that easily absorb moisture. Cotton or polyester are good options, but cotton can be less comfortable if the sweat is excessive because the fabric stays wet longer.


If you just cannot stand the sweat feeling, wicking fabric is what you need. Gym clothes made of nylon, spandex, bamboo and polypropylene are known for their ability to absorb moisture from the skin so it can evaporate. That way, these materials can also help keep your body temperature low during workouts in hot environments.

  • Ensure proper support for the breasts. Wearing a sports bra can help protect your breasts and prevent them from bouncing painfully during exercise. If you have large breasts, a sports bra may be essential, but in any case a little extra support is never too much.

In the gym, outdoors or at home

Different exercises require different clothes. Keep in mind the location, the type of exercise and in case of outdoor exercises, also consider the weather conditions.

If you are taking a yoga class, loose cotton clothing can be refreshing, while a brisk walk requires clothes that absorb sweat to prevent overheating.

Outdoors, during the day you need to add sunscreen to your list of items. If the exercise is at night, items that cannot be missed are reflective bands and lanterns, especially if you are jogging or pedaling in busy places.

During the winter choose clothes with good absorption of moisture to keep sweat away. Then add a layer made of wool for extra heating if needed.

The color of your clothing also needs to be taken into consideration. In the summer, lighter colors will help you keep your body temperature lower. In the winter, dark clothes trap the light and help you warm up.

Feet also need attention

Wearing the right footwear when you exercise is also very important. Here are some tips for finding the right pair:

  • Protection: make sure your footwear is comfortable and offers protection to your feet. If you are going to use the treadmill, be sure to bring running shoes to the gym. Running shoes are not required for use of the elliptical or exercise bike, but you still need to be comfortable due to the effort and repetition of the exercise.
  • Size: wearing too loose or too tight shoes will definitely hurt or even cause foot problems. An interesting tip is to buy your workout shoes at the end of the day when your feet are a little larger (exactly as they are when you exercise). Also, when trying on shoes, use the type of socks you use to exercise.
  • Socks: they are as important as footwear. Athletic socks are ideal for using during gym training, as they are made of lightweight and synthetic material that absorbs sweat and does not harm your skin.

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