Gym Short for Women

Gym Short for Women

Gym shorts are one of the favorite pieces of many gym goers to practice with great comfort. It is quite common to see women attending the gym wearing shorts.

You may be wondering, but what about leggings? Leggings are still very much used and have not been forgotten, but gym shorts have gained more space and are becoming the favorite choice of many women.

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Why wear gym shorts to train?

The main reason is all the comfort it provides, as it offers greater freedom and flexibility of movement.

For crossfitters, high intensity exercise practitioners and other “modalities” that want to feel free during training can opt for shorts.

On hot days gym shorts can also be a better option than long legging that covers the whole leg and can cause a lot of discomfort.

Fitness gym short

In fact the universe of fashion is so surprising that the pieces that people least expect can become a fashion trend.

This is what happened to women’s gym shorts and fitness shorts. Some very famous celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid started to use then a lot in the day to day.

It is a trend of “street style” that combines style with comfort in a super stripped look.

Can I wear gym shorts to go out?

If you follow the trend brought by the celebs, it’s a great idea to wear gym shorts for your daily activities. Some women may even wear gym shorts with heels on a few occasions, but if for yourself this is very unusual use with same sneakers or other shoes that you like and are comfortable with.

Another option of the gym shorts combination is to wear an oversized sweatshirt, which is that larger and wider blouse that is also super cool in the composition of a look.

Another idea is to wear shorts with a top and jackets that also bring a super authentic look. If you use that look to go out you can abuse of sunglasses and other accessories to bring more glamor to the look.

How to wash and dry gym shorts?

The correct way to wash and dry gym shorts will come on the label, so basically just follow the instructions.

However, most people do not pay attention to these details and that is where the durability of the products is compromised and can lose functionality and technology.

The most used fabrics to develop the gymnastic pieces are the synthetic fibers (polyester and polyamide) and they need a special care. Some golden tips to make use of your workout clothes for longer are:

Never keep wet

Excess water in these clothes damage the fibers and cause them to wear out faster. If you want to put in a bag after training until you get home you can, but avoid leaving too much time, like the whole day for example.

Use neutral soap

It is the best choice to sanitize the parts without damaging. The softeners instead of helping sometimes hinder, because they interfere in the “breathability” of the fabric.

Dabbing the fabric causes it to lose its principle which is absorbing the sweat and then throwing it out. The ideal is to use fabric softener only for cotton clothing.

The intense colors of the gym clothes can also be faded with some strong products, so choose the neutral options.

Never twist clothes

After washing, avoid twisting your clothes before it is extended. The ideal is just to put between the hands and give a slight tight to remove the excess water. By twisting you break the fibers, shortening the life of the product.

Hand wash

The ideal is to wash the gym clothes in your hands to increase their durability, but if you rather use the washing machine, you can put it in the “delicate clothes” function with neutral soap.

Avoid using hot water, use only cold water in the washes. The hot water leaves porous tissue and compromises the elasticity of the clothing.

Avoid centrifuging

If you wash in the machine, avoid centrifuging. Prefer to remove, squeeze lightly and extend outdoors in the shade.

Never place in dryers because, in the same way as hot water, the warm air also reduces elasticity in addition to melting the piece depending on the temperature and the type of fabric.

Avoid ironing

We have already said that high temperatures can damage the fabric, so it is best not to iron gym shorts or other pieces of this type.

However, if it is very necessary to remove the creases of the clothes you can put a fabric on top to protect and give a light iron step just to remove the crumpled.

With these tips, you will increase the life of your products for longer!

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