Healthy habits promote physical and mental health

Healthy habits promote physical and mental health

We are our habits – whether they are healthy habits or not. During the course of the day, everything we do, think and feel generates the quality of life we have. Most of the time our actions are in the “automatic pilot” and we can feel discontented without even knowing the reason.

Habits are difficult to change, but they are not impossible. The first step is to recognize what is harmful so that you can change your way towards a better direction.

How we create habits

According to Wikipedia, habits are behaviors that repeat themselves and tend to happen subconsciously. As habits are formed, it is possible to observed three distinct parts of the process: the trigger, the behavior, and the reward.

Therefore, we can say that bad habits are maintained because they bring us some “benefit“. This is where a long struggle begins of you against yourself to know if the reward is really desired and if it can be acquired in any other way.

A classic example is the smoker – he feels stressed (trigger), smokes a cigarette (behavior) and with that he can calm down (reward). You have to deal with the 3 parts that make the habit to be able to break it. Therefore, we can say that to break bad habits you need to avoid the triggers that trigger destructive behavior, and find substitute behaviors that get you the same reward you want.

Healthy habits are also formed by the 3 parts, and they need your help to strengthen themselves. You may think – I want to lose weight (trigger), so I go to the gym (behavior), but after some time I still have not lost weight (so where is my reward?). It takes patience, perseverance, and self-knowledge to get there. However, it is also necessary to understand that good habits need to be worked out in series: healthy eating, adequate rest, regular physical exercise, mental health and personal satisfaction form a set of habits that must be acquired and preserved throughout life.

What are the healthy habits you should incorporate into your daily routine?

We know that food is essential for the survival of the human being. We need nutrients for our vital functions, which are growth, movement, reproduction and maintenance of body temperature.

However, just eating is not enough; you need to consume foods that will be good for you and therefore avoid foods high in saturated fats, sodium and sugars that will harm your body.

To acquire healthy habits in eating it is necessary to know your body and your metabolism because we are all different and not always, a fad diet that is followed by many people will be right for you.

Today we have access to a wide range of highly qualified professionals who can analyze and create a customized food plan for each physical type. Organic high nutrient foods and free from pesticide can also be found easily in large supermarket chains, and even in small local markets. Ideal scenario for acquiring healthy eating habits, giving the necessary support for the deeper changes.

Surround yourself with healthy habits

Whether it is for your body, your mind, if you are at home or at work, acquiring healthy habits can be a difficult task. You need to pay close attention to yourself, understanding your weaknesses, and always taking advantage of your strengths. Here are some habits that are part of the daily struggle of women and men who desire a healthier life:

Sleep: keep your body rested. Replenishing the energies consumed during the day is essential for the functioning of your body. Lack of adequate rest affects concentration, learning, professional performance, causes irritability, headaches, and in addition to several other damages, a bad night sleep can result in weight gain because it causes hormonal and metabolic dysfunctions.

Exercises: our body was created for movement and the benefits of physical activity are many. Sedentary people are more likely to accumulate weight and develop serious illnesses.

Healthy Mind: Taking care of thoughts, feelings and emotions should become a healthy habit to be maintained. When you are not well psychologically, it becomes more difficult to take care of the health of the body and vice versa. So smile, breathe and think good thoughts.

Do what you like: An adult human being spends a good part of his or her day working or involved with work issues, so doing what you love is essential to feel fulfilled. Personal dissatisfaction facilitates the development of unhealthy habits, which end up generating even more discontent, fueling an endless vicious cycle.

Lack of healthy habits can be a warning

Healthy personal hygiene habits such as brushing teeth, bathing, washing hair, nail cutting and washing hands are part of our day and run automatically. However, when a person does not pay attention to such basic and everyday habits, this can mean a deeper problem.

Healthy personal hygiene habits can be easily overlooked or avoided by people suffering from depression. Low self-esteem causes these individuals to stop caring for themselves. You have to be aware that it is easier to believe that you are being sloppy instead of something more serious.

The difficulties vary from person to person and not all habits are acquired in the same way. So take it one step at a time with the firm purpose of being as healthy as your habits.