How to Find Motivation to Start an Exercise Routine

How to Find Motivation to Start an Exercise Routine

“I cannot maintain an exercise routine. I’ve tried several types of exercises and it starts well, but then I lose one day at gym, the next week I lose two, and when I realize, I’ve given up”.

This is a common situation and as simple as the solution may seem, after all, just keep going to the gym (or another place depending on the physical activity chosen), it gets complicated by the huge range of obstacles in which people justify their decision to stop exercising.


The suggestion we have is that before you find out what kind of physical activity you want to practice or which gym or club you are going to attend, that you develop the MOTIVATION that will not only make you start an exercise routine but also keep you on it or return to it even after occasional slips.

Developing the motive for action

Developing the “motive for action”

Yes, motivation needs to be developed. You will not find it ready somewhere or see it pop up in your mind as any idea whatsoever. Motivation needs to grow, gain strength, become something that will get yourself started, but above all, that it may be big enough to fight the will to give up when it comes.

Ask yourself, “Why should I exercise?” Take a piece of paper and write down all the motives that pop up in your mind. Suppose your initial response is as generic as, “I should exercise because I want to have a healthier life” Humm … But why? Why do you want a healthier life? You need to go investigating yourself, going deeper into the path of self-knowledge that will come before you, until you find a truly convincing answer. Remember the “motive for action” needs to be as strong as the barriers that will arise, especially in the beginning, before you create the habit of exercising.

From mind to body

From mind to body

If you are feeling properly motivated, it is time for the mind to pass the ball to the body. Choose the physical activity that suits you best,  research and find a good place for your practice, call a friend to practice or go to the gym or club with you, research the clothes and the ideal footwear for the type of exercise that you will practice and, most importantly,  set daily, weekly and monthly goals for your exercise routine.

Add to your exercise routine a healthy eating habits and a good night of sleep. Over time you will realize a wide range of positive results throughout your body but the greatest gain will surely be the satisfaction of having found in yourself the solution to go beyond your limits.

The solution does not always come through the amount of effort applied to solve the problem, but through the way the problem was addressed.