Menopause, a (an opportunity to) change!

Menopause, a (an opportunity to) change!

Menopause is a difficult time for women. It’s that time in which most of them already have self-sufficient children, employment, recognition, but at the same time things start to change. The skin becomes thinner, softer. The belly is more prominent, the accumulation of fat can increase, the hair needs to be dyed more often, not only to change the look, but because that white root really bothers.

In addition to these aspects that we can call social and related to vanity, there are those hot flashes, night sweats, that cinch that you don’t know where it came from and when it will go away. You wake up the next day with that feeling of the day before yesterday! But the day is present with its 24 hours to be lived and worked. Yes, there are treatments, but beauty is different, in a world that values ​​a pattern. At that moment the woman is out of the pattern and there is no return. You need to like yourself a lot, appreciate yourself, look at yourself and understand that much good comes along with maturity.

One alternative is to invest in yourself, a little more … The scientific literature has some ideas on what can be done without the unknown risks of hormone replacement therapy, without the risks of painful plastic surgery and of temporary applications. Exercise and diet can bring improvement in wellbeing, self-esteem, in mood, and yes, in the deposit of body fat. A recent review study aimed to evaluate the effects of exercise and nutrition on the change in body weight and fat storage in women during menopause. It is known that during this period there may be a higher central fat accumulation due to decreased estrogen. Studies have shown that it is possible to minimize the fat deposit in this period with the help of exercise and control of nutrition. Two studies that show a decrease in deposit abdominal fat as result of exercise were also examined

Therefore, investing in you who did so much for the children, for the company, for the family, is perhaps the best thing to do at this point.


Dr. Ivani Manzzo is PhD in Science from the School of Medicine UNIFESP – EPM in São Paulo, Brazil, with emphasis on obesity, pregnancy and exercise. In 2010 she began hers studies as Life Coach and has since worked helping people achieve their nutritional and heath goals. These articles are published with Dra Ivani Manzzo’s permission.