Plus Size Fitness Fashion

Plus Size Fitness Fashion

The Fitness Fashion in large sizes has come to meet a specific market of plus size women looking for gym clothes to perform their workouts and exercise in comfort.

A while ago it was very difficult to find Fitness Fashion in large sizes in stores, whether physical or e-commerce. When going to a store, women only found sizes S, M and L to train, which generated a lot of demotivation and frustration.

In the last years, a demand and market awareness for this need increased the availability and supply of larger sizes in fitness clothing for plus size women.

Now it is possible to find clothes that usually go from 44 to 62, catering to different types of bodies and needs.

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How do I know my numbering?

If you have difficulty knowing your fitness fashion size, you can refer to the measurement chart below with the width of your bust, hip, waist, arm etc.

Measure everything and see the best numbering for you. Always better to try on clothing, so prefer a physical store where you can see if it really fits your body as you like. If you buy from an e-commerce you have the possibility to return the clothes within 7 days after the purchase, if it is not to your liking.

Remember that clothing should be comfortable, without squeezing, bothering or injuring your body, as this can create discomfort in training and compromise your performance.

Self-esteem in training

Making use of fashionable fitness is obviously related to comfort during workouts, improving flexibility and freedom of movement, facilitating push-ups and other exercises, but not just that.

Choosing beautiful clothes to train has everything to do with a woman’s self-esteem. An overweight woman should feel good to perform the workouts as this helps to motivate, energize, feel beautiful, and more easily achieve the results she craves.

Before the market for fitness fashion in large size was restricted with few options and variety of clothes, prints, models etc. The woman was forced to train in old, worn-out T-shirts.

Today this scenario has improved a lot because we can find several styles and models of clothes and choose those that most match our personality and enhance our beauty.

Benefits of fitness fashions in large sizes

As mentioned, fitness fashions in large sizes can bring some important benefits. See a list below with the summary!

  • Improve self-esteem
  • Improve training performance
  • More flexibility of movements
  • Beauty in training
  • Motivation to achieve results

And all of these are essential to get results in a shorter time!

How to wash and dry gym clothes?

You should keep in mind that in order to ensure the conservation of your fitness fashion clothes for longer you should take some specific care. Check out some tips!

  • Always wash the colored clothes separately from the white so as not to stain.
  • Prefer to wash in the hands to avoid spoiling.
  • If you wash in the machine select the “delicate” option.
  • Never use hot water to avoid damaging the elasticity of the part.
  • Prefer to wash only with mild soap, as strong products such as softener, powdered soap can wear out the piece.
  • “Never twist the gym clothes.” Just squeeze lightly.
  • Always extend in ventilated environments in the shade and not direct in the sun, as the sun can stain and yellow fabrics.
  • Avoid ironing.

The fabrics of gym clothes, in general, do not withstand high temperatures, as they damage the fabric and compromise the technology and functionality.

Extra tips!

If the clothes soak up sweat after training, the ideal is to wash immediately. This is the best way to prevent stains and odors that can permeate the tissues.

If you can not wash right away, when you get home, hang it on the clothesline to dry. Avoid leaving in a closed place such as suitcases, sachets or even mix with other dirty pieces in the basket that can generate more moisture. Sweaty clothing may begin to produce mold and mildew if they are cramped for too long.

Thinking that putting too much cleaning and sanitizing product to wash these pieces will help is a myth. Any excess of product placed will accumulate in your clothing and compromise the technological functionality of the clothes.

Usually this type of clothes smooth on its own after drying, so do not even think about using an iron. Always read the label to check the correct washing and drying procedure for each piece as it may vary depending on the fabric.

Are the tips helpful to you? Do you know any other tips? Leave a comment!