Printed leggings: coloring fitness fashion

Printed leggings: coloring fitness fashion

The printed legging is a trend that has come to color fitness fashion. Training now can be more fun and colorful with a printed legging.

It’s past the time where leggings were neutral and you had to restrict yourself to a few color choices. Now you find a huge variety of leggings in different colors and prints for you to rock the gym!

Types of printed legging

There are several types of prints within this category that can be used to create interesting combinations of outfits to train. There are geometric shapes, military, drawings, animal prints (that are quite successful), floral and others with different patterns.

You can simply choose the one that pleases you most and make your workout more beautiful. You can wear with tanks, sports bra or other lightweight blouses.

How to match your outfit

Keep in mind that to use printed legging you can balance the look using a more neutral color on the top, like gray, black or white.

If you want you can choose the color that predominates in the leggings to wear at the top, as long as it is smooth. For example, if the background of the print is purple, wear a purple sports bra and you’ll look gorgeous!

So your workout in addition to getting more colorful becomes more beautiful too, since this legging highlights the silhouette of the woman.

You may feel a lot better during your workouts, with high self-esteem, which will bring more results and improve your performance. After all, nothing better than feeling good about yourself at all times.

Fitness fashion outside of the gym

As much as the printed leggings are a trend most used in gym, nothing prevents you from using outside the gym environment.

Street style is the same as street fashion, created and used by consumers themselves, avoiding the trends dictated by great fashion designers and influencers.

This kind of fashion outside the catwalks, of unusual combinations, is called street style and goes very well with the use of leggings on a daily basis. The idea of this trend is to take some influence from the designers and bring it to reality, in a more informal use and making unusual combinations.

Knowing that, you can wear a printed legging with a cropped top, mullet blouse, oversized jacket, overcoat, leather jacket, shirt, among others.

These are just some ideas for you to get inspired! You can wear with boots, espadrilles, sneakers and even high heels depending on the look.

Choosing wisely

It is not enough to simply find a beautiful piece of clothing and buy it. You should know that quality is very important when choosing a printed legging. You can easily find printed leggings anywhere you go. Many are stores that market and manufacture printed leggings.

However, if you care about your well-being and want the best for you, you should know that most of these fabrics are of poor quality, which can harm your workout as it does not bring the breathability you need.

In addition, it may happen that in a few washes the colors can fade, the fabric can stretch out and damaged or other common problems that usually happens to this type of fabric and you will have lost your piece of clothing. So not always opting for the more economical one is the smartest.

Advantages of quality fabrics

  • Increases breathability of the clothing
  • Absorbs sweat
  • Improves training performance
  • Facilitates body movement
  • It’s more comfortable
  • Fits better on the body
  • Dries fast

How to increase durability?

To increase the durability of the printed legging you should do the proper washing by following the manufacturer’s instructions on the label. This step is important if you want to keep your clothing beautiful and in good condition for a long time.

To wash properly, you should choose to hand wash or the “delicate” option of your washing machine. Use only mild soap to wash, as laundry products and fabric softeners may leave the piece smelling well but can damage the fabric.

Never use a tumble dryer to dry your workout clothes, or hot water and do not expose it direct to sunlight. When exposed to high temperatures, the fabric can stretch and lose its technology. Let it dry outdoors and in the shade.

Most important, never use an iron. There is no need, since when drying it dismounts easily.

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