plus size

We are pleased to offer to our customers our plus size collection that includes Plus Size Gym Leggings, Shorts, Crops, Top Tanks and more at a very affordable price. To create these special items, we worked directly with plus size customers, gathering information and adjusting our items to their needs so we would know for sure that our collection will comfortably fit to your body and allow your training to be a fantastic experience!

We would like to especially call attention to our best seller: The Plus Size Gym Leggings. Our designers worked hard to create a perfect product, bringing our manufacturing process to a next level. It combines high quality materials and comfort oriented design creating a product that will not interfere with any stretching, bending and jumping that you may include to your training routine.

So go ahead and place an order for your Plus Size Gym Leggings or any other plus size item, and don´t forget to send us your feedback. We would love to hear from you!