Fitness tanks for women

The fitness tank is a very frequent choice in the women’s wardrobe and also men’s to go to the gym. Because it is a refreshing option that brings freedom of movement when exercising.

Also, on hot days may be the best option to avoid heat during workouts.

Who says you do not have to look beautiful and stylish for training? The fitness tank brings more beauty to trainings, and also comfort and the mobility essential to perform physical activities.

What exercises are optimized when wearing a tank?

Any exercise that involves weight lifting with barbell, dumbbells or arm exercises on machines can be optimized by wearing a tank, because the shoulders do not get stuck to the shirt, allowing you to make the complete movement of the exercise.

It is essential that you do not feel “stuck” or bothered with tight clothes, or clothes that are hurting you when it comes to training, as this may interfere in your performance, which is definitely not what you want while in the gym.

Examples of exercises that are optimized if you are wearing a fitness tank:

  • Thread hammer
  • Push ups
  • Triceps Forehead
  • Thread with bar
  • Fixed bar
  • Diving
  • Concentration curl

Colorful fitness tank

Many are the varieties of prints and colors for fitness tanks. You can find neutral colors in white, black and other colors like pink, purple, green, yellow.

If you choose prints you can find animal, military and even floral or geometric that bring your trainings to higher spirits. An idea is also to choose tanks with funny or impact phrases to cheer yourself and others in the gym.

You can also find tanks in neutral and plain colors, but with exclusive models with cutouts that bring more mobility, plus a perfect fit that enhances your body.

The choice of prints will depend only on your style. In the same way that you go shopping to acquire clothes and renew your wardrobe according to your style of the moment, fitness fashion clothes should follow the same rule.

That’s because when it comes to training you should feel good and at ease with your body and style, highlighting your personality.

Fabrics used to produce fitness tanks

One of the most used materials for manufacturing fitness tanks is the dry fit fabric, that is drilled and composed of polyamide, which favors breathability and has a beautiful fit on the body. Its small holes help to carry the sweat to the outside and the fabric dries quickly in contact with the wind.

It is also possible to find cotton fitness tanks that have the best moisture absorbing capacity, favoring perspiration. And tanks in cold polyiviscose mesh, which is a lightweight, versatile, quick drying and non-kneading fabric. These fabrics can withstand several washes, so they are great for using during trainings.

Viscolycra is another good fabric to use while in the gym. It has excellent stretching properties that can stretch up to 7 times its original size, returning to its original size when the tension is released. And it is indicated to be used in the summer because it is a fresh fabric.

Can I use a fitness tank outside the gym?

You can and should, if you want, of course! The fitness tank can be used in your everyday, facilitating your activities. Going to the market, shopping, going to the cinema, strolling in the park, going to the bakery, walking with your dog, these are some ideas of when to use a fitness tanks.

A purchase of “gym clothes” is never a lost purchase, because even on non-workout days you can make use of the clothing pieces, being a great investment.

Quality of fabrics

As much as you sometimes want to save money and that speaks louder when it comes to completing a purchase, you should keep in mind that almost never buying the cheapest clothes pays off.

Acquiring a very low cost piece of clothes can mean less breathability, a fabric that can cause allergy or discomfort during workouts.

Also, these clothing pieces usually retain smell and even after washing, the odor can remain or stains may appear because of the sweat. Also they usually do not resist to many washes, getting faded or worn quickly.

As if all this were not enough, the clothes can still hurt you during workouts, impairing your performance, so think carefully when choosing your fitness fashion clothes.

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