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Top Sports Bra for the Gym

The top sports bra is constantly the choice of women for attending the gym to workout with more freedom and to avoid warming up during exercises.

It is a stylish, practical, comfortable and sexy option for training. The top sports bra is fit and suitable for women to exercise, protecting the breasts against the impact of running or other intense exercises and contact sports.

It can be used as a single item or under tanks and other lighter shirts if you do not want to show too much. The combination looks beautiful anyways!

Colorful or neutral top sports bra?

There are many choices of different models of sports bra that can be printed, colored, or neutral.

When in doubt about which one to choose a good tip is to match a colored / printed piece with another neutral one to compose great gym looks.

It is indicated to have a few options to be able to make different combinations and vary the looks. If you want to wear a neutral top, you can dare and add printed legging or shorts to the look.

If you want a more colorful top you can balance with a neutral tone of legging for example black, gray, white or even other colors but try to avoid prints.

It all depends on your style

There is no rule in fact, since active wear is known for being free and allowing an infinity of colors and prints. The more color the better!

The choice will really depend on your personality. If you are stripped down and like animal prints, geometric shapes and colored pieces you should use and abuse of these alternatives. Now if you are more discreet, you can choose by sober tones and neutral colors to compose your training look.

Can I use it outside of the gym?

Of course you can! Everything is possible in the fashion world and the thought that gym clothes are only to be used at the gym is in the past. In fact, it has been a while since fitness fashion became a lifestyle and not a category of athletic clothing.

Many fashionable women and bloggers, models and even celebrities from around the world follow the street style trend which is a trend of street fashion that mixes comfort and style.

So yes, you can wear your top sports bra in other environments. You can use it for training at the gym, for training outside the gym, like outdoor runs, for biking, for walks in the park, for walking with your pet or even for other purposes.

You can wear it to go to movies, theaters, cafes, restaurants and even bars and nightclubs! The top sports bra resembles a cropped top, that has become a trend in the composition of many fashionistas, which means it combines very well with a thousand options.

To take away the quality of a “everyday outfit” to these more elaborate productions, you can combine with a stylish jacket, add accessories such as long necklaces and large earrings, wear a more elaborate skirt or other bottom and add high heels. Okay, for sure you are going to rock!

Sportswear Fabrics

The most used fabrics in sportswear manufacturing are usually polyamide, microfiber and polyester.

All of these fabrics are used for the same purpose: balancing body temperature, absorb moisture and sweat from workouts and some even help the blood circulation.

These fabric technologies make the difference when it comes to improving the performance of the training, so it is always a good idea to never choose any brand for athletic clothing.

More important than thinking only about the way it looks, you should worry about your health and choose an outfit that will not harm your skin, generate allergies or cause discomfort when training.

Prioritize quality over price, as cheap can be expensive.

How to take care of your gym clothes so that they will last longer?

Because of the technology used in the manufacture of these clothing, it cannot be washed in any way.

Washing the top sports bra by hand extends its life and does not break the microfibers present in its composition, maintaining the elasticity of the piece and its breathability.

You should avoid using strong products such as softeners and bleaches. Only wash with mild soap to remove dirt. If you do not want to wash in your hand use the washing machine, but always select the “delicate” function.

The top sports bra and other clothes should not be twisted after washing and should be put out to dry in the shade and not directly in the sun.

If you want to use teabags to wash your clothing in the machine, it is a great idea to ensure more protection of the fabric structure.

Also avoid ironing, the high temperatures can cause the fabric to melt. All these tips are essential to maintain the functionality of the clothing and ensure its durability.

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