Skirt with shorts underneath: stylish and practical

Skirt with shorts underneath: stylish and practical

Skirt shorts underneath – One trend that is emerging in the fitness universe is the skirt with shorts underneath. The contemporary and modern women are concerned not only in keeping the body fit, but also with fashion. Long gone is the time in which people who practiced sports, physical activity and went to the gym dressed in old and worn-out clothes. Nowadays the athleisure wear won the hearts of bodybuilders and the gym has become synonymous to being fashionable.

Skirt-Short or Short-skirt?

You have probably seen short-skirt being used in many places besides the gym. The short that looks like a skirt is being used by women full of personality! Within the fitness fashion you can find a variety of choices aimed to please different people and styles.

There are shorts, pants, tops, blouses and of course, the skirt with shorts underneath. Most models bring lots of color and patterns. The most daring thing is that the set doesn’t necessarily need to be matched, by the way, to diversify the mix of colors and patterns is seen as a differential.

Comfort added to style

This is interesting not only because it adds more style to the fitness look, but also because it brings more comfort. If you train you know it is very important to wear an adequate outfit. One that does not disturb the physical activity, is comfortable and allows free movements at the same time. This is why this piece was developed to combine fashion with comfort and safety.

This way women can wear short-skirt carefree. In fact, some women may choose to use this option on a daily basis to stay at home or to perform daily activities. There are more discrete models to use during the day or even to go out at night and dance without being afraid to wear the wrong outfit. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Diversity of options

Being well dressed to run or perform physical activities helps to raise self-esteem and gives extra encouragement to training. In our online store you will find many options for this and other items that will ensure your comfort at the gym. So, will join us?