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Exercises and workouts help people to stay fit, healthy and to feel better about their appearance. But in order to boost their confidence women should Buy Workout Clothing Online and many other comfortable clothing. is an ideal Women’s Gym Clothing Online Store where each client will meet her requirements and will always be satisfied with the excellent and unique designs. What does make this online store be different from others? First of all we should take into account the wonderful team that is always ready to provide innovative ideas. Producing the unique designs they create Women’s Workout Clothing in a very creative and modern way without forgetting of the comfort, as well. Due to the high quality and very fashionable designs this online market has earned its customers’ trust and ongoing attention. Continue reading Boost Your Confidence with the Best Ever Workout Clothing Online

Skirt shorts underneath – One trend that is emerging in the fitness universe is the skirt with shorts underneath. The contemporary and modern women are concerned not only in keeping the body fit, but also with fashion. Long gone is the time in which people who practiced sports, physical activity and went to the gym dressed in old and worn-out clothes. Nowadays the athleisure wear won the hearts of bodybuilders and the gym has become synonymous to being fashionable. Continue reading Skirt with shorts underneath: stylish and practical

The struggle of many people to lose weight is hard and even harder to remain thin. The giving up occurs very easily, especially when the saying “you have to assume yourself as you are” is taken in consideration. A very short step to assume and definitely hide yourself from the real reason of obesity. Studies show that only 2% of the worldwide obesity are due to hormonal problems. The remaining 98% occur by energy imbalance. Translating, ingesting more energy than spending is fattening. It sounds simple doesn’t it? So it’s only a matter of balance! Continue reading Why so many people fail to lose weight permanently?

Menopause is a difficult time for women. It’s that time in which most of them already have self-sufficient children, employment, recognition, but at the same time things start to change. The skin becomes thinner, softer. The belly is more prominent, the accumulation of fat can increase, the hair needs to be dyed more often, not only to change the look, but because that white root really bothers. Continue reading Menopause, a (an opportunity to) change!

This is a question that many physical education teachers, doctors, and physiotherapists make. I do not know if I’m right, but in my opinion the reason begins very early in people’s lives. And the answer for me is simple. They do not know how to exercise. They have not learned. Simple as that. Continue reading Why some people do not like to exercise?

What to do: diet, exercise or both?

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Weight loss can reduce the health risks associated with excess weight or obesity. However, the most effective method of losing weight remains unclear. Some programs emphasize physical activity, others diet, but the existing evidence are often contradictory. Continue reading What to do: diet, exercise or both?

Eat, sleep and training

Today we will talk about the effects of exercise on health. When a person decides to exercise, they look for a professional coach be it physical or emotional. This professional may be in a gym, at a club or even a personal referred by a friend. Surely this professional will guide the exercises should be done at least three times a week; and that’s what we talk about in this post. Continue reading Eat, sleep and training

“In 1957, the nutrition researcher Fred Kummerow was one of the first to point out the malice of TRANSFATS and relate them to cardiovascular diseases. “Folha de São Paulo, 06/20/2015 Continue reading Normally FDA bans use of trans fats in processed food in USA

The fat that is in your body today is not the same as last month. This is a fact. But how is this possible? What happens is that the fat is stored in your body today, either in excess or is in healthy amounts is necessary for survival. This means that we use fat that stored and that reduces it from the cells. Continue reading Did you know that your fat today is not the same from the past month?