Today we will talk about the effects of exercise on health. When a person decides to exercise, they look for a professional coach be it physical or emotional. This professional may be in a gym, at a club or even a personal referred by a friend. Surely this professional will guide the exercises should be done at least three times a week; and that’s what we talk about in this post. Continue reading Eat, sleep and training

“In 1957, the nutrition researcher Fred Kummerow was one of the first to point out the malice of TRANSFATS and relate them to cardiovascular diseases. “Folha de São Paulo, 06/20/2015 Continue reading Normally FDA bans use of trans fats in processed food in USA

The fat that is in your body today is not the same as last month. This is a fact. But how is this possible? What happens is that the fat is stored in your body today, either in excess or is in healthy amounts is necessary for survival. This means that we use fat that stored and that reduces it from the cells. Continue reading Did you know that your fat today is not the same from the past month?

Have you heard that exercises like swimming and rowing are good for asthma? I believe so, however exercises are very good for asthmatics. What I mean by this is that the exercises act much on the body of the person and not on the disease. There is rather an improvement in the picture, by various factors. Let’s talk about one of them. Continue reading Exercises to improve respiratory disorders

Although we are in the twenty-first century, and in spite of all the evolution in technology and advancement of medicine, cancer oftenly still scares a lot – especially breast cancer, which brings mutilation of the body to many women. Continue reading Exercise and breast cancer

Nowadays it is in to have a muscular and well defined body and the most pronounced word by the followers of this fad is hypertrophy.

But what does hypertrophy means?

The technical definition is: the increase of cellular content. Continue reading The Hypertrophy Fad… what is this?

Let’s talk numbers? It is known that to look only at the “weight” as a reference to evaluate weight loss, is not the best way. When we lose weight, we might not be just losing fat. We are losing water, lean body mass (muscle) and when we step up on the scale, it is not possible to make that distinction. But unfortunately, most people like to use this form. So, join me, let’s talk about “weight”. Continue reading With an eye on the scale: let’s talk numbers

When a deficiency of carbohydrate (which is the main source of energy) occurs in the body, there will certainly be a replacement. However, this substitution is not simple and much less without risks. One of the things that will happen is the use of stored fat as a source for energy. Continue reading Consequences of a diet with carbohidrates restriction, or a protein diet

Depression is a very common disease in the world today and the number of people who may be affected by this disease, or even may die because of it, is quite impressive. It is usually treated with antidepressants alone or in conjunction with psychological therapy. Continue reading How exercise may be a great ally in the combat of depression

Technology has brought us much comfort, but along with it some problems. Our bodies evolved by moving, we used to hunt, plant, build housing. With the explosion of technology, the change was fast. In less than 100 years our world has become very convenient and easy. No need to exhibit strength or do repetitive motions, we are now stagnant. This has negative consequences for the functionality of the body. Continue reading Sedentary life style and cardiovascular disease